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Time to Fight Back Against Dog Whistle Politics!

For years, Republicans have used race to divide the working class and persuade white working people to vote against their own best interests. This year, the GOP’s focus on race will be even greater as they try to use teaching about history as a wedge issue.

But now, the work of Prof. Ian Haney Lopez gives us hope that we can create a social movement to undercut the racial story told by the right and teach voters to think about race and class together.

Livingston Dems are joining with the Liberal Leadership League and other groups such as the Washtenaw County Democratic Party in promoting a talk by Professor Lopez next month that will show us how to disarm the dog whistle politics used by the right to divide the working class by race and let wealthy elites rule.

We can push back against the radical Republican faction. Learn how at this online event.

Nearly 500 people have already signed up for this event at 6 p.m. on Feb. 10.

A working class united across racial lines is the last thing that large corporations and billionaires want in America. The elites started working to divide American workers by race from the moment African slaves first arrived in the nation in 1619. They kept it up with immigrants arriving from different countries throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, and they’re still doing it today.

But a united, multi-racial working class is the one thing that can save us as a nation and a democracy.

Please sign up to hear Professor Lopez.

(Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Executive Committee, 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor donated.)

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