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Precinct Delegate Roundup Coming Up!

Livingston Dems will be holding two dates in April for local Democrats to sign up to be “super volunteers” – known as precinct delegates.

“Precinct delegates are our eyes and ears in their neighborhoods. They help educate voters about our candidates, help them get yard signs, and sometimes send letters or cards to them to remind them to vote,” said Judy Daubenmier, Livingston County Democratic Party chair.

“We know it will take a super effort to get out the vote for the November election and that’s why we need lots of super volunteers to make it happen.”

The round-ups will be Saturday, April 23, and Saturday, April 30, from noon to 4 p.m. at party headquarters, 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, in the same plaza as Dollar General and O’Connor’s Deli.

To become a Democratic precinct delegate, one must be a registered voter, fill out a form, have their signature notarized, and turn the form in to the Livingston County clerk’s election division. Names of precinct delegates will be on the Aug. 2 primary ballot. Democrats voting in each precinct will vote for delegates and those receiving the most votes will be elected.

The party will have a notary public and copies of the form available in the office on both April 23 and April 30. We can check precinct numbers and will also deliver the form to the county clerk.

The deadline for signing up to have your name appear on the primary ballot is May 3 at 4 p.m.

“Precinct delegates in other years have helped us protect the integrity of the election process by watching the voting machine public accuracy tests in their township or city, observing early voting, and other tasks. There are many tasks that we ask precinct delegates to carry out so we want to have as many people as possible sign up,” Daubenmier said.

Precinct delegates also have voting rights at party conventions.

Persons wishing more information may email

(Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Executive Committee, 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor donated.)

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