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Brighton Man Seeks to Represent the Common People

A Brighton man who says too many politicians have lost touch with the average person has filed for the Democratic nomination for the 49th House seat.

Andy Wood, 44, says reducing income inequality will be one of his top priorities in the Michigan House. “As a worker in the gig economy, I understand firsthand how difficult it can be for families to make ends meet,” Wood said. “People should not have to work multiple jobs to pay for a home, or pay rent, and shouldn’t be put into positions where they have to choose necessities to go without.” Wood, who has lived in Livingston County for 16 years, is a driver for DoorDash.  “Being a DoorDash driver, provides me a true, ground level, connection to the people of the county and provides me insight to them that is often lost with other politicians,” he said.

To reduce income inequality, Wood said he supports:

  • Raising the minimum wage and eliminating the “tipped” exception to the minimum wage.

  • Making it easier to form unions, increasing oversight on companies concerning anti-union activities (including training propaganda), and making sure companies are appropriately classifying their workers.

  • Building more affordable housing and investigating rental price fixing by landlords.

  • Instituting a universal basic income program.

  • Exploring ways to disincentivize corporations from unfairly raising prices due to inflation and incentivize them to cut prices as inflation comes down.

A supporter of Prop 3 passed by voters to guarantee reproductive freedom, Wood said more work needs to be done including allowing Medicaid to cover abortion, repealing the 24-hour waiting period, and making it easier to access accurate information concerning pregnancy and abortion. Wood also would focus on education equity, including more help for underperforming schools, banning book bans, more regulation of homeschooling, preventing religious indoctrination in public schools, and working closely with teachers’ unions to determine how best to improve education. He also supports protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community and more transparency in government.

Wood is the only candidate to file for the Democratic nomination for the 49th House seat. The district includes the city of Brighton and the townships of Brighton and Green Oak in Livingston County, plus the cities of Walled Lake and Wixom in Oakland County and parts of Commerce Township, Lyon Township, and the city of Novi. Wood has a bachelor’s degree in English and literature and a certificate to teach secondary education, both from the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, Massachusetts. He has three children, all of whom attend Washtenaw Middle Technical College in Washtenaw County.

People wishing more information may contact Wood via email ( or visit his Committee to Elect Andy Wood Facebook page.

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