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Happy Days are Here Again!

“Happy Days are Here Again!” was the spirit behind a Livingston County Democratic Party celebration of the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Approximately 100 county members of the Michigan Democratic Party took part in the Livingston Dems’ High Hopes Inauguration Celebration held on Jan. 19 via Zoom.

The virtual event included original music videos and comments from a High Hopes panel made up of Michigan progressive leader, Abdul El-Sayed; UAW vice president, Cynthia Estrada; and Michigan Sierra Club political and legislative director, Christy McGillivray. The panel spoke on expectations for the Biden administration, including economic, pandemic, union and climate issues. Members were encouraged to ask questions following the panels’ comments.

The event opened with party member Susan Anzicek singing a beautiful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

County Party member Billy Cowan, also known as Billy Mack of the Juke Joint Johnnies, performed a version of the Jackie Wilson hit, “Higher and Higher,” which was one of the Biden campaign’s theme songs. Cowan re-worked the lyrics to include that Biden and Harris were a “one in a million pair” that we will stand behind as they work to change the world.

The song was overlaid on a video of scenes from the 2020 campaign, put together by party member Marie Joppich.

Closing the event, Vice Chair Dan Luria summarized what this inauguration means to so many, and led the group in a sparkling beverage toast, provided by Field Organizing Chair Emily Kallunki-Pasternak and delivered to homes by volunteers in the days beforethe event.

The event closed with another Cowan music video in which he performed as “Gee Willikers and the Poll Watchers” set to the New Deal theme song, “Happy Days are Here Again.”

“This was a fun way for county party members to rejoice in the upcoming change in administrations, something we have worked for, hoped for, and prayed for over the last four years,” said Judy Daubenmier, party chair. “And it’s a brief break before we begin working to help President Biden pass his agenda to fight the pandemic and build the economy back better.”

The free event was open to Livingston County members of the Michigan Democratic Party. It is one of two free events that the party will be offering to county MDP members this year.

If you are not a member of the Michigan Democratic Party, you can join here.

(Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Executive Committeee, 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor donated.)

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