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Be a Super Volunteer with Livingston Dems!

The November election may seem far in the future, but the truth is Livingston Dems have already started organizing to identify supporters. And for that, we’ll need some Super Volunteers. These super volunteers are called Precinct Delegates, the grassroots volunteers and building blocks of our party. Precinct delegates are elected in the Aug. 6 Democratic primary by fellow Democrats in their precinct.

They have helped us in many ways – sending letters to sporadic voters, letting voters know about our candidates, watching the public integrity tests of voting machines, and more. They also are eligible to vote at party conventions.

To become a precinct delegate, you must fill out a form, have your signature notarized, and then take the form to the county elections office in the basement of the Livingston County Courthouse, 200 E. Grand River, Howell, before the May 7 deadline.

Your name will appear on the Aug. 6 primary ballot. Remember to vote for yourself as you must receive at least one vote to be elected.

The precinct delegate affidavit of identity is here. Sign up!

It is crucial to have good Democrats in these positions. In the past, we have had Republicans sign up for these positions to try to spy on our party. We can prevent that by having many Democrats run. Please fill out the form and become a precinct delegate!

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