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Would Your Family Give the Price of a Cup of Coffee for Better Transit?

About $2 a month -- that's what it would cost owners of the median priced home in Livingston County to fully implement the Transportation Master Plan developed by the Livingston County Transportation Coalition.


Why do we need better transportation? Public input to the planning project and three community surveys all indicated that most residents of Livingston County want better public transportation in and around our county, including better and safer routes for walking and biking. Over 10,000 county residents need public transportation to get to work, health care and other services because of disabilities, addictions or no access to a reliable auto, and LETS doesn’t currently have the capacity to serve all of them. Also, by 2045 over 40% or our residents will be seniors. In Livingston County 75% of our employed residents commute to work outside of our county, while 60% of our county workforce commute into the county. Only 29% of residents are satisfied with the county’s bicycle and pedestrian systems.

The Livingston County Commission has agreed to implement a few pieces of the transit plan, but full implementation would bring us so many benefits. So far the commission has refused to act.

Changes in Livingston County and How transportation needs to adapt

More seniors are aging in place. The County should increase transportation for the aging population.

Young people are leaving. The County can retain young population by improving public transportation.

Growing bicycle paths, but no safe county-wide network. The County should improve the currently unfriendly/dangerous bike/ped environment across the county.

Huge population is commuting into/ out of the county. The county should give express services like Michigan Flyer place(s) to stop in Livingston County.

Businesses need to grow. The county needs to increase bus service to businesses.

What are the benefits of the systems and services recommended in the Master Plan?

· Make our communities more vibrant and livable in order to attract new residents, especially young professionals (all recommendations)

· Serve the transportation needs of all those who depend on public transportation (all)

· Provide access to the workforce needed to attract and support growing businesses (3,5,6, 7, 8, 9, 13)

· Allow our growing senior population to age in place longer (2, 3, 5, 6,7 ,9, 13)

· Make biking and walking safe, viable ways to get around the county (12, 13)

· Provide commuters with safer, more reliable transportation options to work outside of the county

· Reduce road traffic and congestion (7, 8, 10, 12, 13)

· Improve our health and environment (all)

· Stimulate economic development (all)

· Make our current and future transportation services and investments more efficient through such things as a hub facility, a diversified fleet and better trip management software. (2, 4, 7, 10, 11)

The Livingston County Transportation Master Plan: Its good for everyone!

The full plan

is available here.

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