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Gun Violence is Preventable

If Republican legislators insist that assault weapons remain part of our society, they must also support reasonable measures to keep them out of the hands of mass murderers. Their concern for our families must finally rise above politics and placating the NRA. Otherwise, they are waging war against their own supporters and citizens of Michigan.

Our state lawmakers are key to ending gun violence. We need their concentrated effort to pursue multiple options that make us safer without sacrificing the Constitutional rights of responsible gun owners. Precedents show that collaboration leads to success: mandatory use of seat belts and child seats without outlawing cars, addressing drunk driving without banning alcohol, and prohibiting teen smoking without eliminating cigarettes. Working together, we know how to promote healthy behavior and make products safer.

If politicians reference mental health services as the solution for gun violence, that is a guarantee that nothing will happen. The real problem is keeping guns out of the hands of angry, anti-social people who want to hurt us by killing our kids. Not even our Republican legislators can deny that. As gun violence continues, we see our children anxious and apprehensive about their classrooms coming under attack. The greatest parental right is having a society that makes every effort to protect their children.

Voters must persistently pressure our state legislators to support future safety policies that will reduce deadly situations for our families and make Michigan a healthier place for everyone. Gun violence is preventable and failure to act is unacceptable.


Evelyn Gallegos

Brighton Township

Letter to the Editor, Detroit Free Press, March 12, 2023

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