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Empowering Voters!

Now you can vote from home!

All Michigan voters now have the power to vote from home in every election -- without needing a special reason or excuse.

Too few voters know about this new option, which came about with the passage of Proposal 3 in November 2018.

That's why we are going door-to-door to talk with voters in Livingston County on Saturday, Nov. 16.

Door-to-door is a highly effective way to communicate with voters. Our data shows that talking to a voter at their door in the weekend before the 2018 election increased turnout by 9.7 percent. That's thousands of votes in Livingston County alone!

By going door-to-door now, we can sign up voters to vote from home, increasing the likelihood they will vote in 2020 and future elections. And it will make it easier to Get Out the Vote in 2020. Our lists will be more accurate and up-to-date so canvassing then will be more efficient.

And it's a great way to get some exercise!

All training and materials are provided. Refreshments, too!

Sign up for a shift here:

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