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Democratic Duo Seeking Tyrone Trustee Slots

Laurie Halbritter and Greg Nastwold have filed as Democrats for two of the four spots on the Tyrone Township board of trustee. They are part of a large slate of Democrats running throughout the county.

Halbritter, a writer who has lived in the county for 36 years, said she wants to see the township embrace people-centered values.

“As a longtime resident who grew up in Livingston County, I have seen the area grow exponentially. Because I can remember what it was like to be part of a smaller, caring community, I’d like to see a government that embraces basic, people-focused values like the ones I learned growing up in rural Livingston County,” Halbritter said.

“Serving the people should be what every government, small or large, should be doing, now and always, and I feel that’s been lacking in our local government for years.”

Halbritter served as a longtime caretaker for her grandmother, doing everything from providing meals, transportation, lawn maintenance, and home repairs. She has continued to help senior citizens in the area, including now during the covid-19 crisis.

Her priorities would include public health and community mental health. “The current Covid crisis has highlighted the need for community resources, public safety, and government transparency,” she said.

Halbritter has experience in marketing and writing, having written for businesses in the construction trades as well as articles about interior decorating, home organizing, and cooking.

A graduate of Hartland High School, she has an M.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Nastwold, a journeyman sheet metal worker, said that as a trustee, he would work to make sure the township board makes decisions that are “financially prudent, equitable, and transparent. Taxpayers should make decisions that directly impact them,” Nastwold said.

“I have very much enjoyed my 26 years in Tyrone Township, and would very much like to see it continue to be a well-run, low tax, people friendly community,” he said.

He also believes that government should respect the intelligence of taxpayers and provide open communications, so they can make informed decisions and elected officials can honestly represent them. With all of the media available now, there is no reason why residents should not be well informed about all decisions that impact them.

Nastwold is a member of Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 and a graduate of Taylor Center High. He comes from a family of financially savvy business owners and hard-working tradesmen.

A resident of Tyrone Township for 26 years, he has a son and two grandchildren.

For more information, email Halbritter at and Nastwold at

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