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2022 Candidates

Gretchen Whitmer
Lt. Governor
Garlin Gilchrist
Gov Whitmer.jpg
7th District U.S. Congress
Elissa Slotkin
22nd District State Senate
Jordan Genso
2019.04.08 Elissa Slotkin.jpg
2022.07.17 Jordan Genso.jpg
48th State House
Jennifer Conlin
50th State House
Glen Miller
49th State House 
Christina Kafkakis
Jennifer Conlin.jpeg
Christina Kafkakis.jpeg
2020.02.17 Glen Miller.jpg
County Commissioner 1 
Michelle Spisz
Michelle Spisz.jpeg
County Commissioner 2
Lisa Wojciechowski
Lisa Wojciechowski.jpeg
County Commissioner 3
Lori Cowan
Lori Cowan.jpeg
County Commissioner 4
Amelia Purdy-Ketchum
County Commissioner 5
Kasey Helton
Amelia Purdy-Ketchum.jpeg
2022.07.12 Kasey Helton  headshot cropped.jpg
County Commissioner 6
Catherine Lorrie McMahon
Catherine Lorrie McMahon.jpeg
County Commissioner 9
Christine Kaczkowski
Christine Kaczkowski.jpeg
County Commissioner 7
Caitlyn Perry Dial
Caitlyn Perry Dial.jpeg
County Commissioner 8
Amber Bismack
Amber Bismack.jpeg
Michigan Supreme Court
Kyra Harris Bolden
Michigan Supreme Court
The Hon. Richard Bernstein
2022.05.06 Kyra Harris Bolden.jpg
2022.06.24 richard Bernstein.jpg
Paid for by Livingston County Democratic Executive Committee, 8028 Grand River, Woodland Plaza Suite 7, Brighton, MI 48114. Labor donated.
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